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Data management computerData Management

CEIA produce an advanced range of software interface programs for communicating with the metal detector. Various connection methods can be used for these programs including RS232, Ethernet, Bluetooth or through the IXC webserver option.

THS Production+

THS Production + is a sophisticated data acquisition program that will connect to multiple detectors and can record every event that occurs. It provides a live on screen view of detector functions. Automatic reports can be created in exportable HTML format.

Various charts can be created to view functions such as:

  • Production trends – operator auditing to ensure testing of detector – failsafe testing
  • Data backup facility
  • User authentication with electronic signature verification
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant

Find out more about THS Production

MD Scope

MD Scope is a program which can analyse and record detector and system performance. With a remote setup program and a diagnostic software package it is ideally used through a laptop connected through the Bluetooth function.

Detector setup can be carried out and relevant waveforms displayed plus the configuration information can be copied and stored for backup if required.

IXC Webserver Option

THS Production+ and MD Scope can also be accessed via the optional IXC board which fits in the control box. The IXC can also be accessed for monitoring of the detector functions, detector setup, and detector backup. It acts as the interface when the detector needs to be monitored, or controlled remotely from a PLC or line management system.

Connection to the IXC can be direct through the RJ45 connection, or if on the  LAN it can be accessed direct from a computer using the detectors IP address. Suitably configured computers and Android based mobile devices can also access the IXC wirelessly.

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