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Why use the TE/MTZ Metal Detector?

Boost your quality control standards with CEIA’s newest cutting-edge metal detector, the TE/MTZ multizone linear detector. Tailored to cater specifically to the ever changing demands of the textile and other sheet based production industries, the TE/MTZ boasts revolutionary multizone technology. This groundbreaking design sets it apart from standard TE detectors, allowing for detection of metal contaminants in a specifc zone of any sheet production line.

Applications inlcude plastic films, paper, board, recycled materials, rubber, fibreglass as well as woven and non wovern textiles.

CEIA TE detectors facilitate the early detection of metal contaminants and automatically shut down the machine. This action halts the rotation of the rollers, preventing any further contact with the metal object. This not only safeguards the machinery, but also ensures fabric quality and minimises downtime in the operation of your textile production process.

Metal fragments, in the form of small objects such as pins, needles, or staples, can accidentally be present within the fabric during various processing phases. This can result in scratches, dents, or gouges on the machinery, for instance, on the surfaces of the calender rollers. Such issues can lead to compromised fabric quality and permanent damage. In these instances, the loss of production and the expenses incurred for repair operations carry significant costs.

The differentiating factor between the TE and the TE/MTZ lies in the inclusion of the multizone detection capability offered by the TE/MTZ variant. Each section of the TE/MTZ detector is independent from the other and acts as its own single-zone TE detector. This allows for more specific metal detection in the materials so that if there are any contaminants in your products, you won’t have to sacrifice as much material as you would have with a single zone detector.

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