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Why the multi spectrum MS21 Metal Detector?

The MS21 multi spectrum metal detector can use multiple frequencies simultaneously, giving it an advantage over conventional multi frequency detectors which only use one of their available frequencies at any one time.

This means the MS21 can deliver an improved sensitivity of up to half the test sample size of a conventional frequency metal detector. To put this into perspective, ½ the diameter is ⅛ the volume, giving the MS21 much greater ability to find small irregularly shaped contamination.

As an example; the volume of a 4mm test sample is 33.52mm³, whereas a 2mm test sample is only equal to 4.19mm³. This is in percentage terms a difference of 800%.

The CEIA MS21 multi spectrum metal detector can be supplied for conveyor, gravity or pharmaceutical applications and all CEIA multi spectrum detectors come with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

So rather than “why should we choose the MS21?” maybe the question should be “why aren’t we using the MS21?”

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