What will you see if you visit our stand at PPMA – Total 2019?

Metal Detection Services (MDS) the distributor for Ceia in the UK, look forward to welcoming you to the PPMA Total show at the NEC in Birmingham this October. MDS and Ceia specialise in providing metal detection solutions into the UK focusing on food, pharmaceutical, textile and engineering applications.

The PPMA Total show allows visitors to see machines in action, enabling them visualise how each one would fit into their own product lines and factories. MDS will be exhibiting a number of Ceia metal detectors to show the range available, from conveyor based systems, to gravity fall systems and metal detectors for the Pharmaceutical industry.

MDS will be able to run product tests on specific products whilst at the show and will also be demonstrating Ceia’s signature data capture software package – THS Production+. This program enables automation and reporting on a number of metal detectors from a computer or laptop. It also meets all the requirements of 21CFR Part 11 compliance, for electronic records and electronic signatures (ERES). This allows for a paperless audit trail, which gives traceable real time, date stamped information, unlike a paper trail which can be an ‘’after the fact addition’’.

THS/MS21 Retailer Spec – The MS21 is the most advanced solution in terms of detection ability, as it is able to use multiple frequencies at the same time, allowing it to provide a significantly better sensitivity than a conventional metal detector. Typically, this allows the MS21 to find smaller irregularly shaped contamination than a conventional frequency metal detector. 

THS/MS21 Bulk detection system.  We will exhibit a large box bulk detection unit designed for products in excess of 10 kg. With options for Modular, flat and bespoke conveyor solutions. 

CEIA offer a 2-year warranty as standard on all MS21 models.

The THS/MBHD is a brand new solution designed specifically for dry bulk products up to 40 kg in weight, with a frequency range optimised for outstanding performance for dry products. Come and find out more details on the stand this year.

THS/PH21 series – These are used within the pharmaceutical industry and the Ceia range covers inspection solutions for tablet and capsule inspection, together with a free fall system for in-process protection for powdered products. Exceptional detection levels of 0.15mm fe, 0.20mm Nfe and 0.25mm S/S (316) are achievable depending on aperture size. 

Ceia also offers dust tight and wash in place options in the THS/PH21 series. All of these systems are manufactured to be compliant with FDA requirements. 

THS/FFV Gravity Fall – These systems are ideal for granular products such as powders and sugars and can be integrated into a framework with a reject device, and mounted onto the floor or an existing framework. 

THS/G21 series Throat Detector – These are available in a wide range of sizes and performance options and are suitable for integration with multi head weighers and in process applications. Ceia offer an external flange option which is designed for tight space applications, whilst maintaining high detection levels.

Pipeline – These detectors are ideal solutions for meat, pastes and liquids and can be provided as a standalone device with an integrated reject system, or as a head only. They are designed also to integrate with continuous vacuum filling machines to provide a seamless solution. 

If you are heading to the PPMA Total show this Autumn and would like to arrange a product test, or a demonstration of any of the systems above please get in touch with the MDS team on  0161 286 8755 or email sales@mds.org.uk.