TE/SLD: The Most Advanced Textile Digital Metal Detector on the Market

The design of the popular Ceia TE/SLD, which is primarily used in the textile industry, but can also be used for detection in plastic and packaging products, has just been updated. The major change which operators will notice is the improvement to the protection the stainless steel tubular bars provide to the sensing face of the detector. This will help further extend the lifetime of the product and reduce the likelihood that accidental damage is done to the system.


The TE/SLD micro-sensitive single sided metal detector comes with a host of features as standard, which help cement this Ceia equipment as the most advanced system currently on the market.

The detector is fully customisable, reflecting the fact that different companies will require different levels of detection. During setup, the desired sensitivity can be set within a wide dynamic range (0-299), whilst the detection speed can also be programmed to between 1 and 600m/min. This can either be set using the system’s intuitive built-in keyboard and high contrast OLED graphic display, or through an external computer connected via Bluetooth.

Once set, these preferences can be stored in the system’s permanent settings memory, without the need for a battery back-up. The detector also features an auto learn function for the automatic settings of maximum sensitivity levels. Of course, settings can be changed when required; access levels are divided between ‘Operator’ and ‘Supervisor’, with each level password protected.

The detector offers exceptionally high sensitivity levels to both magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including stainless steel. When a metal contaminant is detected, operators are notified with an internal buzzer and bright light indicators on the control panel. An external sounder/lightstack can also be connected through the volt free contacts available, if required the production process can also be stopped using this relay. A detection memory function will also record consecutive contaminants. All data is logged internally and timestamped.

As with every Ceia system, the TE/SLD functions in compliance with the electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards required for the CE mark. Should the detector encounter any issues, operators will be able to quickly assess what needs to be done to rectify these thanks to the built-in self-diagnosis system.

Choosing The Right Detector

The TE/SLD comes in models of varying sizes, offering sensitive areas ranging from 200mm to 5500mm. All models have a compact construction, with stand-alone and separate control units versions available. Therefore, the detector will be able to be installed no matter the scale or scope of operations.

For advice on the model which will best suit the needs of your company, please contact the MDS Sales team on 0161 286 8755 or by emailing sales@mds.org.uk with your requirements and one of our expert team will get back to you.
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