Strong UK Economy Boost Metal Detection Services Sales

The strength of the UK economy and comparative weakness in the Eurozone, has had a positive impact on Metal Detection Services sales of CEIA’s metal detector range.

With a strong pound against the Euro, MDS have been able to pass on savings of just over 8% to their existing customers as well as offering highly competitive prices on new projects and installations of new detector heads.

Commenting on their current position, Managing Director Neil Simister said, “We have been able to reduce our prices on all new equipment projects, so the savings are going directly to existing clients working on new installations or head replacements, as well as those enquiring for the first time. We hope that those who have had quotes from us recently will get in touch to update their prices as they will be in for a pleasant surprise.”

MDS offer the CEIA range of metal detection equipment to clients in many different sectors including textiles, food, pharmaceuticals, aggregates and mining. As well as new equipment sales, the MDS team offers support and servicing on a wide range of manufacturer’s metal detection equipment.

Covering the whole of the UK their range includes the MS21 multi-spectrum metal detector, one of the most accurate and effective detectors available.