metal detection equipment

Record Quarter for Sales at MDS

During September and October 2018 Metal Detection Services have attended both the PPMA Show at the NEC, Birmingham and the PackExpo Show in Chicago, alongside CEIA and Heat & Control, who are the CEIA representative in the USA. Attending these shows requires a significant investment from the sales, marketing and engineering teams, as well as significant financial commitments.

Therefore, it is paramount for the sales and marketing team to work together and ensure there is a return on the investment.

MDS invest well into both their sales and marketing departments year round, which can be seen through this quarter being the best for new sales and new customers on record for the company, with almost double the amount of new metal detectors being purchased in one month alone when compared to previous months. 2018 has already been a fantastic year for MDS, and it shows no signs of slowing down in the run up to the Christmas Break.

MDS have been in business since 2006 and are seeing consistent growth through investment into the staff, as well as new revenue streams. MDS will be opening a new training facility by the end of 2018 at their Head Offices in Sale, Manchester, which will give their clients the opportunity to have staff trained on all leading brands of metal detector away from the factory floor where there can be multiple distractions.

For more information call their team on 0161 286 8750 or use our contact form to drop us line.