commercial metal detectors

Things to consider when purchasing a metal detector

Product effect

Single frequency metal detectors may not be able to accommodate much product variation. Three frequency will allow the inspection of a greater range of products on the same detector. Multi – spec frequencies work simultaneously to filter out product signals more efficiently than single frequency. As a result, the number of false rejects is reduced.

Auto learn

An efficient auto learn gives the best sensitivity and the least number of false rejects with a minimum requirement for manual adjustment. It provides extremely high reliability to product variation. Initially a programmed number of products is selected and then the detector inspects each individual product and establishes the frequency for the product effect conditions.


What is your operating environment? Some environments require wash down and water intrusion may cause damage to the metal detector. An IP65 and IP69K wash down ratings mean that the metal detector can withstand low and high direct water pressure.

Products & packages to be inspected

The sensitivity of the metal detector is affected by several factors including:

  • The temperature of the product can cause a variation in signal even though there is no metal present. For example warm bread will give off a different signal than bread at room temperature.
  • Products packaged in foil can trigger a false signal due to the packaging material
  • The density of a product can also provide a variety of product signals.

Is the detector to be integrated with other equipment?

Depending on your metal detector requirements, there may be a need to install more than one metal detector to a production line.  You will need to consider whether you have the space requirements for an additional metal detector to be installed.

2 Year Warranty with MS21 metal detectors

Most manufacturers typically offer a one-year warranty but MDS are proud to offer a 2 year warranty on all of our MS21 metal detector, at no extra cost to offer you extra value.

THS Production +

THS Production + is a sophisticated data acquisition program that will connect to multiple detectors and can record every event that occurs. It provides a live on screen view of detector functions. Automatic reports can be created in exportable HTML format.

Various charts can be created to view functions such as:

  • Production trends – operator auditing to ensure testing of detector – failsafe testing
  • Data backup facility
  • User authentication with electronic signature verification
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant

Test samples

Regular testing of the performance of your metal detector is essential to ensure you meet regulatory compliance needs and to confirm the safe functioning of your detector. MDS are able to offer a wide variety of test pieces to assist you with meeting industry and auditing requirements.

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