Pipeline Detector offers Sensitivity

Metal Detection Services (MDS) is pleased to announce the launch of the new T/PLVM21 series metal detector for metal contaminant detection in products transported by pipeline. Manufactured by Ceia, the new machine is designed to offer higher sensitivity than previous models along with improvements against water ingress.

As Technical sales director at MDS Pete Higgins says: “Meat plants are harsh environments with heavy jet washing the norm and IP69K rated products offer protection against any water issues. “

This integrated system with ejection valve for applications on meat vacuum filler machines offers high sensitivity to all magnetic and non-magnetic metal, including stainless steel. It offers automatic learning and tracking of product effect and includes multi spectrum technology for optimum compensation of the product effect. Other features include up to 500 product data memories, standard pipe sizes to suit all applications and high immunity to environmental interference.

Furthermore this new detector requires minimum installation space as well as being easy to clean and inspect. The new system allows for real time monitoring from a remote location thanks to new software development. This system can also be supplied fully supermarket compliant. For further information please contact our sales team on +44 (0)161 286 8755.