Pharma Metal Detector

New Pharma Metal Detector for Granular and Powder Products

CEIA is a specialist in providing world-class metal detection systems for the pharmaceutical industry. Ensuring the elimination of metals from powders is vital in meeting both regulatory compliance and in maintaining high-quality end products.

Their latest product, the THS/PH21N-G70-FFV Integrated System, is specially designed for the inspection of granular and powder products and the elimination of any contaminating metals, including both ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel.

The THS/PH21N-G70-FFV is a fully integrated system with a compact design and has an ultra-high sensitivity to metals. The unit is fitted with an innovative deflector that ensures a quick and precise ejection of any contaminated product from the base material. The compact detector is designed with a high flow rate in mind and can fit straight into any existing production line as well as into new processes. Typical throughput is 2500kg/hr but this depends on the bulk density of the product.

Fully compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and other equivalent pharmaceutical regulations, it has been produced with the highest hygiene standards in mind, with most of the body made from AISI 316L stainless steel providing both durability and cleanliness for the user.

It features a metal detector probe, a valve actioning unit, a compressed air connection unit, an ejection valve, a power supply control unit, an emergency stop button and a mains connection switch.

An Atex Zone 22 model is available on request for use in explosion zoned areas.


All models include a test sample insertion point that allows for regular checking of both detector sensitivity and ejection operation. The insertion point includes a blanking plug that must be in place for normal operation and during a sensitivity check.

Manual testing is required on first starting the system or after any operational changes such as a change in material or throughput.

In addition to this manual testing regime, after the first tests have been carried out on all three types of metal, the system can be instructed to carry out automatic tests using the lowest signal level, to ensure every contaminating metal is found and reported.

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