Modular Conveyor Inspection for the Pharma Industry

The new THS/MBB Pharma Modular Conveyor Inspection System from Ceia is the latest metal detection system designed specifically to address the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. This new high sensitivity metal detection system is ideal for the automatic elimination of metal contaminants in flacons, bottles and other packaged products.

The system offers learning and tracking of the product effect to optimise detection sensitivity to both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This is done from a single transit that is equal in precision and efficiency to hundreds of conventional transits – an unprecedented development. In addition, an automatic testing function continuously monitors and checks the sensitivity of the system to ensure maximum production safety, which is a foremost consideration in all of Ceia’s applications.

Amongst its various other distinguishing features, the detector is highly immune to environmental interference, including common radio frequencies, due to many cross-platform studies conducted by Ceia engineers. In addition, new diagnostic tools for measuring the environmental compatibility of the metal detector are built into the device itself, where previously additional instrumentation was required.

The system is designed with the user/operator in mind. The interface contains an easy-to-read, high-contrast graphic display, a stainless steel keyboard, and a quick access function whereby frequently used functions can be activated simply by pressing a dedicated key. The digitally adjustable belt speed is one of numerous controls for line speed and rejection. And with Bluetooth wireless communication connectivity, the maintenance technician no longer needs to worry about physically accessing the interior of the detector or using unwieldy connection cables.

As always with Ceia, the system complies with all relevant pharmaceutical sector regulations. This includes the rigorous criteria prescribed in FDA Code Title 21 part 11 regarding access to programming and computer data protection. The System Administrator, which is username and password protected, controls the programming and managing of individual user profiles and user functions. In addition, all system events, including detection, ejection and program operations, are automatically recorded in a data log.

Reliability, precision, efficiency and safety – that’s what you’ll get with the THS/MBB Modular Conveyor Inspection System.

More Information

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