metal detector training

Metal Detector Training

Training is an essential part of any successful metal detection and contamination prevention programme. It is important that operators, technical and engineering staff know how to both set-up and use your metal detection equipment effectively as well as how to respond when a contaminant is detected.

Keeping your system operating properly, adhering to your sites Standard Operating Procedures and Supermarket Codes of Practice will be an essential part of your quality control system.

In addition to this, several Supermarket Codes of Practice require your staff to be trained in the setup, testing and maintenance of your metal detector systems.

MDS provide a full range of bespoke, certified training packages which are designed to meet our customers’ and supermarkets’ codes of practice requirements.

These training programmes are both classroom and production line based, supported with a full Powerpoint presentation package, training manuals and reference documentation.

Training sessions are carried out at our customers’ sites, thereby minimising the disruption to your operation and ensuring that we train you on the actual equipment and in the operating environment your team will be working with.

Prior to any course, we will discuss your training requirements with you in detail to ensure that all of the elements you need are covered. Courses can also be tailored for some non CEIA metal detection equipment and general operation principles as we have experience with a wide range of metal detection equipment from different manufacturers.

Where your technical and engineering teams require training, we will cover maintenance, breakdown/repair and spare parts replacement as well as the use of test pieces for metal detector validation and performance monitoring.

Please give our service team a call to discuss your training needs on 0161 286 8750 or you can use the contact form to drop us a line.

If you are looking for information on our spare parts, we have a gallery of common CEIA spares here.