Metal detector test samples

Metal Detector Test Samples

Metal detector test sampleWhat are metal detector test samples?

  • Test samples are used to conduct quality management testing on your metal detector. All Test Samples are colour coded for visual verification and are engraved with a unique certificate number.
  • Test samples are placed on/in the sample pack and run through the metal detector. If the metal detector detects and rejects the sample, the metal detector is verified as working.

Why use test samples?

  • To meet industry and auditing requirements
  • HACCP compliance requires that inspection equipment is installed at critical control points and is routinely QA tested with the results documented
  • By using certified test samples you are confirming compliance to your Quality Control Management System

When should you use test samples?

Regular testing of the performance of your metal detector is essential to ensure you meet regulatory compliance needs and to confirm the safe functioning of your metal detector.

  • Prior to a production run
  • During a production run
  • End of a production run
  • Employee shift changes
  • Hourly basis
  • When system settings are updated
  • The more often – the better

Who should you choose?

We offer a variety of test samples to conduct effective testing procedures. MDS have a strong focus on supporting our customers, we work with many of the leading, food, textile and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in the UK.

For details of our full range of metal detection test pieces, click on the image or this link to download our PDF Metal Detector Test Samples (1645 downloads) .

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