Flat Bar Metal Detector

Metal Detection for Film and Textiles

The Most Advanced Digital Bar Metal Detector

Metal detection for sheet production lines requires a compact, bar style metal detector such as the CEIA TE/SLDW digital unit pictured above.

With ultra high-sensitivity to both magnetic and non-magnetic materials, including stainless steel, the TE/SLDW has recently been upgraded to offer even better performance.

The Ceia metal detection algorithm includes an autolearn function that will automatically select the maximum sensitivity for both dry and conductive products including wet wipe material.

With it’s very low profile and compact design, the unit is ideal for tight spaces and its sensing face is protected from being mechanically damaged by two stainless steel bars that run the full length of the detector.

The robust, IP65 certified unit includes further protection against both environmental damage, such as high temperatures and electrostatic discharges from the production line.

The TE/SLDW is widely used in many sectors such as textiles, paper, recycling and plastics. There are even some units in the pharmaceutical industry.

Production Line Installation

The metal detector will work on production line speeds between 1 and 600m/min making it suitable for the majority of sheet manufacturing lines, whether they are for textiles, paper, plastics or recycled sheets.

Because of its compact design it is also suitable for retro-fitting to existing production facilities without the need for expensive re-engineering of the line.

Controls can be either built-in where a local operator needs access to the system or the detector can be remotely controlled via a plantwide quality control system. Data logging is built in and records both times and event data for up to 1000 events and 20 different materials.

Programming can be carried out either via a bluetooth connection to a local PC or on the controller’s keypad.

Further information

Brand protection in the marketplace is one of the most important functions a manufacturer faces. The investment to establish a reputation for product quality can be lost in the event of one safety recall. Metal detection is an effective and relatively inexpensive method of protecting both your customers and brands.

If you think your operation could benefit from a metal detection system for your tubular packaged products, get in touch with the MDS team on 0161 286 8755 or fill in our contact form and we’ll provide any further guidance or advice that you need.

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