MDS Celebrate Ten Years with CEIA

Metal Detection Services Ltd (MDS) are delighted to be celebrating a highly successful ten years of representation for CEIA Spa of Italy as their UK Distributor of industrial metal detectors.

Since their first agreement a decade ago, the partnership between the two companies has consistently thrived, benefitting from the expertise each party brings to the venture. Drawing from its vast knowledge of the UK market, MDS has overseen the continued expansion of sales of CEIA’s cutting-edge metal detection technology.

With great success in sectors such as food, pharmaceutical, mining and textiles, leading UK manufacturers use CEIA metal detectors to ensure their products meet rigorous industry standards for safety and quality.

Meanwhile, MDS has continued to grow their own operations, providing customers with more extensive sales, engineering, spares, breakdown and service support. Their comprehensive knowledge of metal detection equipment, including that of CEIA and other metal detection brands, is now directly taught through in-house training courses combining all necessary theory with hands-on instruction.

MDS’s Sales Director, David Hale, said, “We’re delighted with how our relationship with CEIA has developed and look forward to many more years of working together with them. We believe CEIA are the technology leaders in industrial metal detection, their products are superb and we are proud to work with them in the UK and Northern Ireland.

Marco Cocci Industrial Sales Manager at Ceia said, “CEIA are highly receptive to new ideas and product enhancements. MDS and Ceia have been able to discuss this and extend these product features to make them ideal for the UK market’s requirements. Particularly in areas such as ensuring the detection systems meet and typically exceed the various Supermarket Codes of Practice requirements. We are also very excited about the next generation of detectors which will be launched in the next few months which will enhance our offering going forward.”

“The excellent success CEIA and MDS have achieved together, combined with the strong prospects we have for the future, are the result of the professional approach taken by the whole MDS team. Both CEIA and MDS emphasise a technical and detailed approach to each project, a method we feel is unique in the market. The MDS engineers and sales team have been able to identify key important technical differences to customers. The result is an increasingly successful penetration of the UK market.

We feel certain that with the CEIA systems currently available and those that we will introduce in the near future, we will continue to grow with MDS and will enjoy extraordinary sales success in the UK market.

MDS are looking forward to many more fruitful years as CEIA’s UK Distributor, and the opportunity to add to the over 5000 CEIA systems already installed across the UK.

For further information on the full CEIA range, or if you need help with a metal detection issue, please call MDS on 0161 286 8755.