metal detectors for textiles

Importance of validating metal detectors in textile factories

The textile industry is responsible for producing many of our day-to-day products such as clothing, fabrics, carpets, nappies and various other products.

Retailers and manufacturers, therefore, have a duty of care to ensure that products are safe for consumers. By introducing industrial metal detection systems to manufacturing process not only protects their own brand, but also the consumers’ rights which include the right to safety.

When buying textile products consumers expect them to be safe and free from any form of contamination.

To ensure this happens retailers have produced strict guidelines for safety checks that finished goods have to go through before they are sold to a consumer. If a manufacturer fails to meet these stipulations then they may not be allowed to supply a certain retailer.

Metal detection is one of the features for many retailers’ guidelines, this is to protect from objects such as broken needles, pins or any other metallic contamination that may accidentally contaminate the product during production.

If one of these is found then the metal detector will be in place to prevent the product from entering the market. There are a number of ways it can do this, but usually, a manufacturer will remove the “contaminated” item from the production line and the source of the contamination investigated.

In order to ensure that the metal detectors are detecting to the highest level, they need to be regularly validated by a qualified engineer. Some retailers require machines to be validated every 6 months; others once a year, to meet their code of practice. Retailers will also specify the smallest size that needs to be detected. CEIA metal detectors are the leading manufacturer of textile metal detection system, and offer a full range of systems designed specifically for the inspection of textile products.

MDS engineers are trained to validate the full range of CEIA Industrial Metal Detection systems as well as other manufacturer’s brands. If you need your metal detector validated, or want to find out more contact our team on 0161 286 87500 or request a call back using the form below:

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