free fall metal detectors

Free Fall Metal Detectors – THS/FFV21

A metal detector which has been designed for the inspection of granular and powder products, eliminating any metal contaminants of a magnetic, non-magnetic or stainless steel nature.

This is a unique metal detection technology that both optimizes sensitivity to all metal contaminants and minimizes product effect in a very wide range of possible products. Carefully selected materials are used to build the machine, which does not interact with the products and therefore cannot modify or alter their composition.

The design of the system incorporates a fast reject valve drive response time to detect and reject the contaminant without slowing down the product flow. By recognizing the different frequency response of conductive products and metals, this innovative technology cancels product effect and maintains high-performance levels for all types of metal contaminants, both magnetic and non-magnetic.

The detector itself is the same unit as a standalone throat detector, and the whole assembly is integrated into a framework with a reject device. It can be floor mounted or built onto an existing framework. The CEIA FFV21 also has failsafe monitoring fitted as standard, and all food contact parts are FDA approved.  

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