ceia metal detectors

Five more years with CEIA

Metal Detection Services Ltd (MDS) are delighted to announce that they have agreed a further five year extension to their contract to represent CEIA Spa of Italy, as their UK Distributor of industrial metal detectors.

The partnership between the two companies began in 2011 and has been highly successful for both parties. CEIA’s world-leading multispectrum metal detection technology, combined with the MDS Directors’ vast experience in the UK detection market has been key to this success.

CEIA metal detectors are used by many of the UK’s leading manufacturing companies in sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, mining and textiles, to keep their production lines free from metal contaminants.

Since signing their original agreement, MDS have expanded their business operations to cover all areas including new project design, installation, servicing, spares and breakdown cover. Through their extensive experience with other metal detection brands MDS are able to offer a complete upgrade and replacement service as well as day-to- day support.

MDS’s Sales Director, David Hale, said “We’re delighted that CEIA have extended our agreement and look forward to many more years of working together with them. We believe CEIA are the technology leaders in industrial metal detection, their products are superb and we are proud to work with them in the UK and Ireland.

“CEIA are highly receptive to new ideas and product enhancements so we have been able to discuss these with them and to extend their product features to make them ideal for the UK’s market requirements, particularly in areas such as Supermarket Codes of Practice.”

CEIA now have several thousand systems installed across the UK and MDS are looking forward to many more in the future.

For further information on the full CEIA range or if you are struggling with a detection problem at your site, please call MDS on 0161 286 8755.