Cowbell Style Reject Valves for Free Fall Metal Detectors

Our popular Free Fall Metal Detector (THS/FFV21), which can be used for both food and non-food materials, including sugars, powders and granular products, is now available with a cowbell style integrated reject valve. The original flap reject valve is still available, but the cowbell design has been introduced to enhance the unit’s performance with high bulk density products. 

The Ceia FFV metal detector, the most advanced on the market, is of the highest build quality and can be used for the detection and rejection of magnetic, non-magnetic and stainless steel metal contaminants. The detector head is the same unit as a standalone throat detector and the whole assembly is integrated into a framework with the reject valve. Thanks to its compact size, the detector is often installed as part of an existing framework, but floor mounting is also possible. Programming can be carried out both locally, via the built-in keyboard and high contrast OLED display, or remotely, through a computer connected via Bluetooth, RS232, Ethernet or WiFi. The system can be managed with the state of the art Ceia MD Scope software, the THS Production Plus software, or any other terminal emulation programme. 

The THS/FFV21’s immunity to environmental interference is high, whilst detection sensitivity is classed as ultra high, with a rapid rejection speed which does not affect product flow. Failsafe monitoring is fitted as standard, whilst all food contact points are FDA approved. 

Should you wish to find out more about our Free Fall Detector range, please download the brochure here or contact a member of the MDS team.