textile metal detectors

CEIA Textile Metal Detectors – Single sided TE/SLD

As part of the CEIA Metal Detection portfolio Ceia have a simple but effective solution. The TE/SLD is a single sided metal detector with a small footprint, it is most often used within the textile industry, but, can be used for other woven, extruded and even some pharmaceutical applications.

The TE/SLD has a very high sensitivity range to all magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including stainless steel which enables it to detect a wide range of possible contaminants up with such as pins and needles and other foreign bodies.

It also has a high immunity to environmental interference, ensuring its reliability, while being an extremely robust and compact stand-alone unit. A separate remote control unit version is also available.

The minimum detection width is 500mm and CEIA can supply a system in excess of 6 metres for wide applications.

Internal data logging with timestamping, high contrast graphic LED display and password protection for quality control come as standard. As well as Bluetooth communication for external PC setting and maintenance, auto-learn functions and a built-in function for automatic measurement of the external interfaces.

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