An Introduction to the THS / PH21N-FB Detector

We are excited to introduce the THS / PH21N-FB detector. The system, which was originally custom built for a Ceia customer, consists of a standard pharmaceutical detector head and small conveyor and is perfectly suited for use with small dry products. Its use is not limited to a pharmaceutical setting, but operators can rest assured knowing that the system operates in full compliance with pharmaceutical sector regulations.

The detector offers ultra-high sensitivity to all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants, including stainless steel. It is capable, dependent on product effect, of an impressive 0.25fe, 0.3Nfe and 0.4 S/S AISA 316.  

The system boasts a number of market leading features, which Ceia customers have come to expect. Constructed using AISA 316L Stainless Steel and parts compliant with FDA 21 Part 210 and 210 requirements, the detector features a high contrast graphic display and can store 500 product profiles, which can be selected through local programming. Should a rapid alteration be needed to the parameters of the detector, operators can also use a Quick Access key. 

The conveyor inspection system has integrated controls for line speed and rejection (which can be digitally adjusted), with every successful ejection verified and operators notified by an LED lamp and buzzer. It also offers auto-learning and tracking of the product effect. 

More Information   

If you are interested in this detection system and would like to know whether it would be suitable for your operation’s requirements, please get in touch with the MDS team on 0161 286 8755 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you. 

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